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Logo Design & Branding

Many businesses we work with already have an established logo and branding style, especially larger businesses and corporate entities, but more and more smaller businesses are also realising the need for a unique and professional image.

What makes a good Logo? A logo can be simple or iconic – it depends very much on how hard it needs to work for your business. Some start up businesses will need to work very hard if their market place is particularly competitive. They will need to stand out and be remembered (for the right reasons) – they will also need to communicate a positive message on a subliminal level. As designers we notice logos all the time and it’s surprising how many are ambiguous or misleading or just plain ugly! Subjectivity will always be quoted as a factor for judging logo design but nevertheless there are at least four criteria that need to be considered: (i) is your logo descriptive of your personality, products or services, (ii) is it relevant to your industry or your audience (iii) is it recognisable and memorable (iv) is it suitably unique so as not to confuse with another enterprise.

A good logo also needs to be effective in black and white as well as colour, work at different sizes (down to the size of a postage stamp), and it must be effective on a computer screen and in printed material. The truly iconic logo will also stand the test of time.

We’ve all been astounded to read articles about how some corporations invest large fortunes into the design of their logo and associated brand identity and management. But it’s really down to you to decide what you want to achieve and what you can afford to invest. We are happy to work with you either on a modest or sophisticated level of logo and brand development.

Here are some examples of design solutions we have provided for some of our customers...

Fresh Earth Organics Fresh Earth Organics

Vermilion has created an iconic brand identity for a family-owned retail business based in Bangalore, India. Established since 2008, Fresh Earth Organics was one of the first organic food stores to open in the city. Although relatively small at present, the owners plan to scale up the operation within the next 2-3 years.

The logotype, pictogram and tagline will be used for the shop fascias, private label packaging, stationery, traditional advertising and online communications.

Our client, who has a background in farming, recognised over a decade ago that the soils of India were dying and that agriculture was becoming increasingly destabilised. Indiscriminate use of pesticides and fungicides had resulted in the loss of security where food, nutrition, livelihood and ecology was concerned.

Today, higher earning consumers in Bangalore are switching to organic produce in their droves and this is where Fresh Earth Organic plays its part both as a retailer; offering some 90 different product groups; and as an informal supporter of the organic farming communities. A recent survey conducted in 10 cities revealed that 30% of Indian consumers are prepared to pay 10 to 20 per cent more for organic products.

Vermilion has enjoyed working with SME’s in Asia, Europe and North America during recent years. It is hard to define precisely what makes our work appealing to the export market but believe that it is the high quality and affordable consultancy service combined with the ‘quintessentially British’ ingredient that is revered by marketers and design critics around the world.

Building Bridges Building Bridges

Dementia champion Norman McNamara asked us to design a logo for his Facebook page called Building Bridges which aims to bring nurses and carers together to share ideas and help each other and those needing care.

Norman was diagnosed with dementia 5 years ago aged 50 and since then he has worked tirelessly to help raise awareness and create dementia-friendly communities around the UK and the globe. In the world of caring, Norman has become an ambassador and ‘voice’ for all those suffering from the devastating and incurable illness. Vermilion has provided designs and creative ideas to help Norman publicise his awareness raising campaign work.

Planting Memories Planting Memories

Vermilion has also designed the Planting Memories logo in support of Dementia Awareness Day and Alzheimer’s Research UK. Planting Memories is a fundraising campaign targeting all those who love gardens and growing plants. Not only are participants of the campaign planting seeds for plant sales in the summer, they are also working together to establish Planting Memories therapeutic sensory gardens to help people with dementia in nursing homes, hospitals and the community.

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